Art & Ceramics Summer Camps in Santa Clarita

We all read and hear a lot about being creative and the benefits of that in our everyday lives.  Creative people are better equipped to solve problems, and look for solutions in creative ways.  Art is one of those disciplines that help our creative side of the brain expand and connect with the logical and analytical side and has been proven to encourage creativity of all sorts.  Creativity encompasses more than just art, so therefore our art camps also encompass more than just drawing and painting, but we also have those with amazing and wonderful teachers, who are passionate about art and want to share their skills with students.  We are excited to offer many art and creativity related summer camps in Santa Clarita this year as you can see below.


3D Animation & Modeling with Blender – $147

Create 3D models of your very own and bring it to life! Students are introduced to popular animation software, Blender, and are led through the concepts needed to understand the vast world of 3D Computer Animation. No prior experience is necessary as this is a course designed for beginners to grow with detailed instruction at their own pace.

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3D Design & Printing – $147

Create 3D Animations of your very own and bring it to life using Tinkercad! Students will be printing their newly designed models. No prior experience is necessary as this is a course designed for beginners to grow with detailed instruction at their own pace.

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Cake Decorating – $147

Have fun learning to use fondant, ice a cake and learn piping techniques. Students will learn the basics of cake decorating, they will use pastry bags and different tips to create designs on cupcakes and wax paper to practice before they create the final project of making and decorating a cake! They will learn how to color and roll fondant, and mold it into shapes, animals and flowers.

All materials included in the price.

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Cartoon Character Basics – $147

Bring your characters, environments, props, and storyboards to life.  Explore light and shade, perspective, color theory, and basic design techniques.  Not only will the characters look more dimensional, but the environments and objects will also be more believable.  Learn how to take 2D line drawings and process them into tones for a lifelike result.  Also, explore how to arrange shapes, values, colors, and edges in an interesting and intriguing ways to create images that hold the viewer’s attention.

From concept to color, learn the techniques used by modern day professional artists and animators who work in Manga and Anime.  This is a beginners class, but all levels are welcome to join.

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Ceramics and Sculpture – $147

Learn how to model and create sculptures of animals and figurines. Learn basic construction techniques for creating your own pottery. For a finished project, paint or decorate your vessels for sculptures! You will have basic instructions in the different techniques of ceramics such as, slab coil, and pot.  Pieces will be fired and then painted and glazed for a beautiful look to create art pieces your child can be proud of.  Price includes all materials.

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Draw and Paint Sea Animals – $147

Whales! Starfish! Dolphins! Sharks! Learn to draw and paint sea creatures. Experience how easy it is to draw sea creatures using the 5 basic elements of shape. Then paint with brilliant color creating beautiful compositions. Some of the basic techniques that will be covered are proportion, perspective, shading, texture, value, color, etc.

All materials included in price.

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Drawing Fundamentals – $147

This class serves as an introduction to several fine art skills including shading, light logic, texture, vanishing point perspective and understanding proper proportion. Students will continue to artistic confidence and the ability to make creative compositional choices. This class will help students work toward developing independent drawing skills.

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Jewelry Making – $147

You will love making your own jewelry. Technique in basic jewelry making will be taught, and you will learn about mixing colors and shapes. A variety of decorative materials will be used in the projects,such as beads in wood, glass, metal and beautiful crystals. They will be attached or strung on leather,quality metal chain, yarns and flosses, ribbon, leatherette, and more. You will be proud to wear tasteful and age appropriate bracelets, necklaces and/or earrings that you enjoyed creating.  Price includes all materials.

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Mixed Media – $147

Draw and paint! Use pastels! This class is a lot of fun because it involves working with several different media, and you will discover which one is your favorite! Some elements involved in mixed media that will be covered are: five basic elements of shape, shading, texture, value, color, composition, positive and negative space. You will develop your own imagination!

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Movie Make-Up: Fake Wounds – $147

In this camp kids will learn how to do movie make-up, creating fake wounds and other beginner level special effects.

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Photography Camp – $127

This course is an introduction to the basics of digital photography. We will cover camera models, the mechanics of a camera, and becoming comfortable with your equipment. We will explore how to find and use light, as well as demonstrate composition and perspective techniques. We will explore various types of photography while studying famous photographers and their work. Students will receive basic instruction on techniques, review several samples of desired outcomes, and participate in class demonstrations. Students will experience many different lighting scenarios, such as bright sunlight, open shade, in a room with a window, and in rooms with no windows.

At the end of the course, students will know how to use the features of their camera so they can control the appearance of their photographs, have a full understanding of natural and artificial lighting situations, see how composition can add to or detract from an image, understand perspective, and seek more creative ways to craft their photographs.

Supplies needed: Students must bring a digital camera for them to use during class time. Cameras with a manual option will provide the broadest education, but any digital camera can be used, even a smart phone camera.

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Sewing & Design Camp Summer Dresses & Shorts – $147

Come sew your own summer attire!  Students will learn how to read patterns, how to adjust them to fit their size and sew their own summer dresses & shorts.  It’s best for students to bring their own sewing machines and students will purchase their own fabric of choice.  Detailed instructions on what to bring will be sent out once students have signed up.

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Toon Boom Animation Camp – $127

Students will create their own cartoons, animate them, record their voice, add sound and press play to see their cartoon characters come to life. Kids can also print their drawings to create a flipbook. With Flip Boom Classics, children get the excitement of seeing their drawings move and the satisfaction of generating a movie for the Web, computer or iPad.

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