Acting Classes at Camp

On-Camera Acting Coaches
This fast-paced fun filled camp is geared to those who are serious about getting into the industry as actors and will encompass all aspects of working in front of the camera. We will cover many different styles and genres including: Sit Com, Episodic television; both drama and comedy, and film. Students will learn how to find an agent, get head shots, audition, analyze a character and break down a scene, and acting it out. It will include all aspects of the entertainment industry including the roles of all the people who work behind the scenes. Students will leave with a recording of themselves on camera that can be used for future auditions.

Tuition: $127    Ages: 6 – 12

Voice Over Acting
How about coming to learn how to be a voice actor from the voice coach for Nemo in “Finding Nemo”! This fun class will encompass all aspects of working as a voice actor. By the end of the week, students will leave with a recording of their voices doing voice-over work, which can be used for future auditions. Students will also learn what to expect from auditioning for voice-over jobs.

Tuition: $127   Ages: 10 – 12

Improv & Comedy – Coaching & Auditioning
Come study commercial acting & auditioning using improvisation and comedy with a Hollywood professional! Come play lots of improv games, mixed with comedy, work on slates and personality profiles, learn about hosting events, use product props and walk away with a greater ability to entertain and think fast on your feet.

Tuition: $127   Ages: 10 – 13


Voice training & Song writing
Come sing the morning away with a fun vocal teacher who is a singer-songwriter herself. Vocal training and exercises will be part of this camp and students will work on writing songs individually and as a group to perform the last day of class to family and friends.
Tuition: $127   Ages: 10 – 13


Broadway Comes To Town
Do you love to Sing and Perform!! In this camp we will explore The American Musical Theater, learn and perform scenes and songs from Broadway hits. We will incorporate vocal instruction,acting instruction through script analysis, character analysis and breaking down the song. We will even incorporate choreography. The camp will end with a small performance for family and friends on the last day!

Tuition: $127   Ages: 10 – 13


Movies By You!
Come make your own short scene from start to finish. Brainstorm ideas, create the script, act in the movie, produce, film, and finally edit. Even learn about Stage Combat and how to make fight scenes and battles look realistic. Students will have a finished short scene by the end of the class.

Tuition: $137  Ages: 8 – 12

Mixed Media Art Lab
In this camp, students will explore a variety of media including watercolors, charcoal, colored pencil, chalk pastel, and oil pastel.  We will also be practicing and expanding our drawing and cartooning skills, while learning about the various elements of art (such as color, line, texture, and shape) and creating our own comic strips!

Tuition: $137  Ages: 6 – 9


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