Kids Learning Center for Santa Clarita

Spring Break Camp Descriptions

Morning Session   

Storybook Cooking      Ages 5-8

The program begins with a story, and the hands-on experience that includes measuring, sifting, pouring, scooping, combining ingredients and tasting. Kids also learn table manners, safe kitchen practices, and how to set up and clean up their workspace. Children cook and eat their own story inspired recipe in the class.  Following the cooking lesson, the class will create a craft that corresponds with the story’s theme.


Lego Everyday Engineers                         Ages 5-8

In this class, students learn about basic mechanisms, structures, forces and motion, while  engaging in scientific inquiry and creative engineering design.  They will learn how to build a catapult, a monster truck, how to build a fire engine, and fire station and much more.



Dance- Yoga-Stretch                     All ages

In this class, students learn deep relaxation, self esteem, positive body image and emotional balance through yoga, dancing and stretching. Students will learn to use yoga postures as a tool for growth, health and HAPPINESS. Traditional yoga postures, games, music, partner poses, group poses and flowing yoga sequences are some of the tools we use to develop mind-body strength in our students.


Hands on Science Adventure Lab         Ages 5 and up

This class is specially designed to educate, enrich, and build self-esteem through science exploration and discovery. Our young adventurers will engage in fun hands-on science each day of camp.

From the kitchen to the laboratory, reactions happen all around us!   Experiment with slime and explore the differences between physical and chemical reactions.


Monster Crafts and Games    All ages

Each day students will create a monster inspired craft.  They will make a rainforest in a jar, a no sew monster pillow, an embellished dragon egg, glitter slime monsters and more.ccc  The will enjoy playing monster games too!  This class is for monster lovers of all ages.


Clickteam Fusion 2.5    Ages 8 and up


This class will teach kids the basics of video game development and programming logic. We will be using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 to build a variety of video games. Students will be given a good foundation learning the basic skills they need to make their own games. Students will take home a USB Flash Drive with all their game files at the end of class to be played on their PC.


Afternoon Session

The Traveling Chef-  Recipes from Around the World  Ages 9 and up

In this hands-on cooking camp we’ll give kids a tour of global cuisines, including Italian, French, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese. They’ll work alongside other young chefs learning how to prepare easy and delicious recipes that represent each country, as well as kitchen fundamentals, proper sanitation and much more.

At the end of each class, kids will eat their creations. At the end of camp, kids will take home their own decorated apron and a cookbook with their picture on the cover.

Drawing and Painting Like a Modern Master    Ages 5 and up

This class teaches your child the elements of art by creating their own works inspired by such masters as, Matisse, Van Gogh, Klee, Monet, Chagall and Cezanne!  There will be a story each day giving your child a history of the artist followed with drawing and painting projects.


 Your Room Your Style    Ages 9 and up

This class is for girls and boys!  You will create accessories to make your room and living space POP!  You will make a no sew pillow, mason jar luminaries, a fleece throw, and other accessories to give your room that Pinterest Flair!


Ceramics                                                      Ages 8 and up

Children will have a chance to learn the basic methods of hand- building, coiling, pinching, building with slabs, and sculpting.

They are guided step-by-step through all their projects, but there is always room for them to take control over their own art projects and tailor each according to their own creative vision.  This class includes clay, glazing, and firing.



Minecraft® Mods w/JAVA Programming               Ages 10 and up

In this class, students will learn how to Modify or aka “Mod” the game Minecraft® using the JAVA Programming language. They will learn how to create textures to customize swords, tools, armor, foods and more — that can be played and shared with friends. Each student will be working individually or on a team using a laptop. They will be able to interact and test their mods in the game Minecraft®. The will learn how to modify existing java code.  Students will take home a flash drive with their mod files on the last day of class to be used on their PC or Mac.


Lego Robotics:  Superstars   Ages 5 and up

Students will build characters and machines from one of the following blockbuster films—Batman, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and more!