Movement and Martial Arts Summer Camps

After a long year of sitting at desks and doing school work, how about some physical fun summer camps!  We have just the movement and martial arts camps for your children who want to relax and learn in a caring environment how to do some tumbling, tricks and self-defense.   Come learn the moves of your favorite super hero or learn to move like a Ninja warrior!  For those who want to relax, there is Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, which will also incorporate some art projects.


Ninja Warrior Training Martial Arts Camp – $127

Students will be introduced to various martial arts concepts and will receive training in how to successfully do the martial art using the fun theme of Ninja Warriors.

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Self Defense Camp – $127

Come learn all the basics of Self Defense.  Learn about bully prevention, stranger danger, 911 emergency, fire safety, and even Krav Maga for kids to keep yourself safe.

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Super Hero Camp – $127

Come combine your favorite super hero with some martial arts skills in a fun and safe environment.

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Tumbling & Trick Acrobatics Camp – $127

Learn the basics of tumbling, cartwheels, back handsprings, round-offs and much more! With an experienced coach to lead the way kids will achieve a number of acrobatic movements in a fun and safe environment. This class can be tailored to almost anyone, no experience necessary!

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Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation – $127

This is definitely not mommy’s yoga practice! Children derive enormous benefit from yoga and mindfulness practice, it enhances their ability to focus and learn, teaches them to focus on the present moment, brings them awareness of others and their surroundings, gives them tools to help navigate the sea of emotions, as well as the physical aspects of flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration, stress relief abilities, and sense of calmness improves, allowing them to absorb and learn more.

Through the use of themes, yoga poses, games, music, books, art, imagination, and other props, we will transform the traditional yoga practice into a creative, stimulating, and fun yoga and mindfulness experience. These kid-specific practices of exercise, play, critical thinking, and imagination, will empower and encourage your child to be strong, self-confident, mindful of their bodies, health, surroundings, and healthfully connect their mind, body, and spirit to everything they do and the choices they make.

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