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Summer Camps Santa Clarita

Summer Camps? Why not just relax?

Summer Camps in Santa Clarita with A.S.E. Enrichment might sound like a redundant expense to crowd up your child’s summer, but I wanted to let you know about some of the benefits that have been observed in students doing summer camps vs. those who don’t.  If a student participates in summer camps, they get to see their friends and make new ones from other schools in the area. If a student participates in a summer camp with a topic unlike anything he/she has ever done, they might discover a whole new interest/hobby that can potentially turn into a career or at least hours of fun. Students in summer camps get to learn some extra-curricular topics in more depth than they are able to during the school year, due to the time needed for core subjects in school and homework, e.g. students who are interested in developing their own video games, can do so in our summer camps, students can learn new life skills, such as cooking or baking or students can indulge their artistic side by participating in an art of ceramics camp.  Those actor kids can get some coaching from professional acting coaches to help in their acting career […]

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Life Skills Summer Camps Santa Clarita

Even though all we learn really should be classified as Life Skills training, there are certain skills that are more directly related to us attaining a successful life when we leave home.  We are excited about all our summer camps that prepare students for life  no matter what career they choose.  Come learn all about personal finances and entrepreneurship, learn basic cooking skills, sew some clothes, or take a babysitting course! Backyard Summer Cooking – $147 Hot summer days are approaching fast! Using fresh seasonal produce, enjoy preparing for those days when cool food is refreshing and flavorful food is most enjoyed! In Summer Cooking class, you will prepare garden fresh dishes, yummy kabobs, fun chilled snacks, and vibrant smoothies and drinks! You will learn about nutrition and basic culinary skills. It will be fun measuring, mixing, and presenting your cool creations! Decorate a chef hat and apron, and take it home along with your very own cookbook with the fun summer recipes you made in class!  Price includes all materials. Click here for more details and to Register Now!   Baking – $147 Create a variety of delicious desserts, cookies and baked breads, all from scratch! Learn to roll […]

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