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Summer Camps Santa Clarita

Summer Camps? Why not just relax?

Summer Camps in Santa Clarita with A.S.E. Enrichment might sound like a redundant expense to crowd up your child’s summer, but I wanted to let you know about some of the benefits that have been observed in students doing summer camps vs. those who don’t.  If a student participates in summer camps, they get to see their friends and make new ones from other schools in the area. If a student participates in a summer camp with a topic unlike anything he/she has ever done, they might discover a whole new interest/hobby that can potentially turn into a career or at least hours of fun. Students in summer camps get to learn some extra-curricular topics in more depth than they are able to during the school year, due to the time needed for core subjects in school and homework, e.g. students who are interested in developing their own video games, can do so in our summer camps, students can learn new life skills, such as cooking or baking or students can indulge their artistic side by participating in an art of ceramics camp.  Those actor kids can get some coaching from professional acting coaches to help in their acting career […]

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Lego Robotics Summer Camps in Santa Clarita

Who doesn’t love building some cool creations with Lego bricks!  This summer come learn how to combine the Lego bricks with motors in our themed Lego camps and program your Lego Mindstorms robotic system to perform all kinds of challenges!  You can even come learn how to make a short Lego movie of your own in our stop motion animation camp! Below are all the Lego camps for this summer!   Lego Batman – $127 Swing through Gothem city! Race The Joker in a Bat Mobile! Save the city from the criminals in Arckham Asylum! Have fun with your friends building motorized creations from all the LEGO Batman Movies! Click here for more details and to Register Now!   Lego Minecraft – $127 Master the world of Minecraft® with LEGO®! Build a motorized Creeper, minecart and terrifying Ghast. There will be various Redstone contraptions and traps. LEGO® Engineers will learn real world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture while exploring the world of Minecraft.® Click here for more details and to Register Now!   Lego Mindstorms – Level 1 – $127 This class is an introduction to the Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotic System. Students will build robots and program them […]

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