Hollywood Arts Summer Camps in Santa Clarita

Do you have a little performer in your house?  Our Hollywood Arts summer camps have something for everyone this year!  From making your own instruments and band, to acting, musical theater, film, and photography camps, to recording your own song!  See all the details of the camps below, all taught by working industry professionals!

Comedy Club & Improvisation – $127

Creativity and ensemble are the foundations of this course. Students explore comedy through acting, improvisation and writing exercises. They will learn how to structure a scene, create a character, build relationship and explore genre. Come study Commercial Acting & Auditioning – Using Improvisation and Comedy with a Hollywood professional!

–          Lots of Improv Games mixed with comedy

–       Slates

–       Using Products Props

–       Comedy skits

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Creating Instruments & DIY Band – $147

Using items someone could find around the house (styrofoam cups, plastic eggs, rice, paint, etc), we’re going to build a homemade band. This will be a fun week of building, painting, and learning about music through rhythm and sound.

Price includes all materials.

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Lego Stop Motion Animation – $127

Make your own movie with LEGO®s!  Using LEGO®s you will come up with your own ideas and stories, build your own sets, and learn to use the camera! Dream up an adventure in another galaxy, find a whole new world in Narnia, or create a pirate scene in the Caribbean! Take home a flash drive with your animation on it!

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Movies By You – $127

Storytelling is one of the greatest art forms known to man. It turns out to also be one of the toughest art forms to master! In this camp, we will be making our own short films!

We will discuss the key technical techniques and story archetypes which make films great and then start developing our own short films by storyboarding, working in teams to act, record, use the correct lighting, adding sound and editing.  Students will learn all facets of the production process i.e.: writing, editing, cinematography, directing, etc.

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Musical Theater – $147

        Your kids will be singing, dancing and acting in an original musical. Taught by working industry pros, student will get their first taste of “the boards.” In addition to learning performing skills, they’ll help collect props, build sets, have input in their costumes, and so much more.  It’s our mission to provide a venue for our children to express their creativity, build self esteem, develop public speaking skills, and work with others.  All leading to a performance in front of a live audience!

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Movie Make-Up: Fake Wounds – $147

In this camp kids will learn how to do movie make-up, creating fake wounds and other beginner level special effects.

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On Camera Acting & Auditioning – $127

This fast-paced fun filled class will encompass all aspects of working in front of the camera. We will cover many different styles and genres including: Sit Com, Episodic television; both drama and comedy, and film

Students will learn how to:

  • audition for on-camera projects
  • analyze a character and break down a scene
  • all aspects of the entertainment industry including the roles of all the people who work behind the scenes.
  • write, direct and produce their own scenes
  • work with and perform monologues
  • work on some of your favorite dialects and accents

This class is for anyone interested in learning what it takes to be an actor working in the entertainment industry, in addition this class will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explore other professions available in television and film.

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Photography Camp – $127

This course is an introduction to the basics of digital photography. We will cover camera models, the mechanics of a camera, and becoming comfortable with your equipment. We will explore how to find and use light, as well as demonstrate composition and perspective techniques. We will explore various types of photography while studying famous photographers and their work. Students will receive basic instruction on techniques, review several samples of desired outcomes, and participate in class demonstrations. Students will experience many different lighting scenarios, such as bright sunlight, open shade, in a room with a window, and in rooms with no windows.

At the end of the course, students will know how to use the features of their camera so they can control the appearance of their photographs, have a full understanding of natural and artificial lighting situations, see how composition can add to or detract from an image, understand perspective, and seek more creative ways to craft their photographs.

Supplies needed: Students must bring a digital camera for them to use during class time. Cameras with a manual option will provide the broadest education, but any digital camera can be used, even a smart phone camera.

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Record Your Own Song – $127

Come review the basics of songwriting and learn about performing and recording it in this fun, hands-on camp.  Students will learn how to use digital sound programs to manipulate music and voice in producing their own songs.   By the end of the class, students will go home with their own song recorded and edited.

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Sound Effects For Film: A Week of Foley – $147

During the duration of this camp, we will analyze films and animations for the sounds that make the movie come to life: footsteps, slaps, sword fights, the sound of wind through the trees. After we watch some films and come up with ideas of how the sounds were created, we will take some silent films and animations and add sound effects to them using a recording device – at the end of the week, we’ll watch what we’ve come up with.

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Story Telling & Performing – $127

The skill of telling a story in a way that others want to listen is something worth knowing to delight your audiences for years to come. Students will go over well-known stories and learn how to retell and perform the stories and perform for family and friends on the last day of camp.

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Toon Boom Animation Camp – $127

Students will create their own cartoons, animate them, record their voice, add sound and press play to see their cartoon characters come to life. Kids can also print their drawings to create a flipbook. With Flip Boom Classics, children get the excitement of seeing their drawings move and the satisfaction of generating a movie for the Web, computer or iPad.

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Voice-Over Camp – $147

Come learn the tricks of the trade to be able to do voice over acting and be creative in creating your own characters’ voices.  Students will practice how to express themselves in a character when only their voices can be heard.

Get recorded as you add voices to original cartoons.

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