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At A.S.E., we have very high standards for our classes and instructors. As you browse through our class description list, you will view a wide variety of quality classes, from fine arts and practical arts to team sports and fitness, and finally to fun educational classes that are all hands on. Our teachers are well qualified, and all have had experience working with and teaching children. We strive to draw from people in our community who have integrity, morals and good character qualities to ensure your children are exposed to wonderful role models. And of course, all of our employees have been live-scanned/fingerprinted and TB tested.

Adding rich flavor to our classes, A.S.E. teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are or have been professionals in the subject they teach for us, others have played college ball and coached children in their sport, musicians and dancers hold many years of personal instruction, practice, performances and teaching experience, while a few teachers are longtime homemakers with much to share. The instructors are enthusiastic, great communicators and really know how to teach children.