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Winter Camps 2017-2018 is here!

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Evening Academies

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Fall 2017 is passing us by quickly and while the evening academies are still continuing and some afterschool enrichment classes are still in sessions, we are looking ahead at our Winter Camps starting in just a few short weeks!

We have wonderful camps in store for your students!  Why are camps important?  In several studies, students who participate in enrichment activities and are engaged productively after school hours and during breaks, have consistently shown to be more well-rounded and better prepared for life than those who don’t.   Let them learn about designing their own videogames, instead of just playing every free moment.  Alternatively they can create some amazing art, power up their Lego Robotics creations or learn how to prepare a simple meal for the family.  How about some sports or programming?  We even have musical theater and photography or movie making!  So many choices!  Join us for one of our amazing Winter Camps in either of our 2 locations (Santa Clarita or Stevenson Ranch)!

We are your one-stop shop for your Santa Clarita Winter Camps!