Winter 2018 After School Enrichment in Santa Clarita

After School Enrichment in Santa Clarita for the Winter 2018-2019 session starts soon! Have your children engaged in enriching activities all year, even in their free time! A.S.E. Enrichment, a local non-profit, provides enrichment summer camps and classes all year long with topics such as Lego Robotics, Video Game Design, Art, Cooking & Baking, Acting, Filmmaking, Programming, Sports, and more!

Pick from some sports intensives for physical exercise. Don’t just play games, make your own! Learn to program in Python or Lego Mindstorms to control your very own robot to complete certain challenges. Come draw or paint some holiday themes or create your own gifts and art masterpieces. Learn some Holiday Baking recipes or cook recipes from around the world. Create your own movie or perform in a musical theater number. Join us for one or more of our exciting camps.

We are a non-profit corporation specializing in enrichment classes, which are geared to enhance children’s education. Students are involved in hands-on activities that stimulate creativity, imagination, problem-solving, critical thinking, and much more.

Classes are held right after school on the school premises.  Each class is scheduled one day per week for 6-15 week sessions.

A school administrator or PTA enrichment chairperson makes selections from a wide variety of classes that we offer. Please see our catalog of courses if you would like your PTA to request a class.

Our Activities

Cooking & Baking

Fresh seasonal produce, basic culinary skills and nutrition.

Sports & Martial Arts

Physical movement & exercise are the key to healthy minds & bodies.


In today’s age, developing skills in the digital arts is a must for many creative children.

Fun & Imagination

From Jedi warrior to Hogwarts wizard, join the fun with imagination & storytelling.

Music & Dance

Writing songs, stories, and choreographing dance moves all together!


Foreign language skills with fairy tales, songs, crafts, food and games.


A.S.E Enrichment Inc

P.O. Box 2323

Santa Clarita CA 91386-2323